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FBS lucky T-shirt

fbs t-shirt

Become the most fashionable FBS trader. Deposit $500 all at once and trade 2 lots in order to get access to the list of the unique FBS T-Shirts and pick one for yourself, family members or friends.

You can get a free T-shirt if:

  • the sum of your one-time deposit exceeds $500
  • there are 2 lots traded (200 lots for Cent accounts).
  • T-shirt with VIP embroidery is available to order only after one-time deposit of $ 1,500 and 2 lots traded.

The clients must fulfill the conditions starting from MARCH 22, 2018 11:00 GMT +3 in order to claim t-shirts.
The number of ordered T-shirts is equal to the number of accounts that have fulfilled the promotion conditions. Each trading account can participate in the promotion only once. Matching couple T-shirts are considered as one item.

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