FBS Swap Free

Good news for our clients, who don’t want to pay SWAP!
FBS Broker presents SWAP Free service!

Why it is good for you?

This eliminates any additional fees and simplifies the implementation of long-term trading strategies because your SWAP is always equal to 0, regardless of your transaction way.


What is SWAP?

SWAP is the fee for holding a position overnight. It is formed on the basis of interest rates of the central banks in those countries, whose currencies you are trading.


What is Swap free?

Swap free accounts imply no daily charges of swap commission (positive or negative). So, the client doesn’t get any extra income or suffer negative profit.


How it works?

When trading the EUR-USD currency pair, you borrow USD to buy EUR.

Let’s suppose the American Central Bank interest rate is 1.5%, and the deposit rate of the European Central Bank is 0.5%.

If you borrow $100,000 from the Central Bank of America to deposit €95,000 to your account in the Central Bank of Europe, then each time transferring positions through midnight you’ll pay 1.5% rate for your loan in the Central Bank of America and receive 0.5% interest on your deposit in the European Central Bank.

If you don’t want to deal with all these difficulties, activate our SWAP Free service and trade with pleasure and comfort!


Is Swap Free available for trading with all currency pairs?

Swap Free service is available for trading with all currency pairs except USDBRL, USDZAR, EURTRY, USDTRY and USDRUB.

To learn more about Swap free service, please contact our Support team, it works 24/7